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Cobb County Interpark League Playing Rules


  1. League will consist of recreational baseball teams from Cobb County.

  2. No travel teams will be permitted to play.

  3. All participating associations will make every effort to limit “stacked” teams with a fair and balanced drafts of players to teams.


    1. 14U League is designed for participants 13 and 14 years of age (as of May 1st of the playing year). Pony will have NO separation/division of the League.

    2. 18U League is designed for participants 15 through 18 years of age (as of May 1st of the playing year). Colt will have NO separation/division of the League.

    3. With agreement, these leagues may be adjusted depending on player participation. IE 15U/16U may be considered.


    1. Playing time includes a continuous batting order and free substitution (except pitching) with each player playing defensively at least every other inning.

    2. The manager may reduce playing time as follows:

      1. Player does not attend and participate in 2 consecutive practices (excluding illness or excused absence).

      2. Player does not attend and participate in 2 consecutive games (excluding illness or excused absence).

      3. Player does not arrive at the scheduled start of the game.

      4. Player does not play at the position as assigned by manager or coach

      5. Player demonstrates actions which are detrimental and abusive to the league, including the use of foul language.


  1. All non-wood bats “MUST” meet BBCOR (Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution).

    1. Pony Exception – Pony players may use bats that are USA Baseball Certified and no lighter than drop 10. The USA Baseball Stamp must be on the bat.

    2. Pony Exception - Pony players may use bats that are USSSA BPF 1.15 Certified and no lighter than drop 5. The BPF1.15 USSSA Stamp must be on the bat.

    3. Bats that are broken, cracked, dented or deface the ball are illegal.

    4. There shall be no devices, attachments or wrappings that cause the handle to become flush with the knob.

    5. Molded grips and Choke up knobs are illegal.

  1. Footwear

    1. While we prefer all players to wear molded cleats, metal cleats are allowed for Pony and Colt Leagues but should NEVER be worn in the batting cages or during warm ups. Players should only be wearing their cleats during field play or practice.

  2. All players will wear athletic supporters and hard cups are recommended. Catchers are required to wear shin guards, chest protector, a hard cup, throat protector, catcher’s mask and catcher’s mitt during practices and games.

  3. No jewelry, watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc., will be worn during practices or games.

  4. No player can participate in any game if they have a cast.


    1. All games must be played at the assigned time as set forth by the approved schedule.

    2. The late game must start no later than 8:45 PM. If the early game runs that late, then the late game will be rescheduled.

    3. In league play, it is a regulation game if it is called by the umpire due to darkness, rain or other cause (e.g. loss of field lighting) which in the umpire’s judgment interfered with further play, provided that:

      1. Four (4) or more innings have been played, or

      2. Three and one half (3 ½) innings have been played and the home team is ahead at the end of the half (1/2) inning, or before the end of the fourth (4th) inning if the home team is ahead.

      3. In the event partial inning beyond 4 innings, if the visiting team has not completed batting or the visiting team is ahead, revert back to the last completed inning for the final score.

      4. If one-half inning is completed and home team is ahead, the game is ended at that point with home team winning.

    4. In the event that a game is halted before regulation for any cause and can’t be completed on the same day, the game will be rescheduled and replayed. Pitchers will be charged for any innings pitched and those innings will count toward the total allowed per week as defined in these rules. WARNING: DO NOT VIOLATE ANY PITCHING RULES.

      1. Each Monday, any team with missing pitching stats for games from the previous week will be given a forfeit on those games. If the game was a loss then the manager will be suspended for the next game.

    5. Regulation games for Pony League is as follows:

      1. Innings played: 6

      2. Time limit: 1:45

    6. Regulation games for Colt League is as follows:

      1. Innings played: 7

      2. Time limit: 1:45

        • Time limit exception for games played during the week at Adams Park in Kennesaw. When there are two games to be played. The games will maintain no new inning after 1:45 but will institute a hard stop at 2:00 (or 10PM, whichever occurs first). A hard stop will have the score for the last completed inning reported.

        • Time limit exception for games played during the week at Acworth Senior Field.  When there are two games to be played. The games will maintain no new inning after 1:45 but will institute a hard stop at 2:00 (or 10PM, whichever occurs first). A hard stop will have the score for the last completed inning reported.

    7. An inning will be completed if started prior to time limit only if necessary to determine the outcome of the game.

    8. A maximum of 7 runs can be scored per inning. A team can be mathematically eliminated.

    9. If the game is tied after regulation play, one (1) extra inning is granted provided that time is within the time limit. Otherwise, the tie stands, and if the game remains tied after one extra inning, the tie stands.

    10. The managers and umpire will meet before the game and synchronize the start of the official game time. (10 mins. Prior to start)

    11. Official game time begins after umpire/manager meeting is complete, no matter when the last player shows up.

    12. During the umpires meeting the home team should be on the field and the pitcher should be warmed up so that after the meeting is over the game can begin.

    13. All problems, suggestions, and comments should be directed to the Commissioner of the Inter- Park League.

    14. There are NO protests of games.

    15. A team must have a minimum of 8 players to officially start a game.

    16. A team may use substitutes from the same league and division provided the following;

      1. Maximum 2 substitutes (a team using substitutes cannot exceed 9 players for that game).

      2. Substitutes must bat last in the order.

      3. Substitutes may only play in the outfield.

      4. A team may borrow from the opposing team to avoid a forfeit. This player would not bat for the team.

    17. Players that arrive after the start of the game can be inserted anywhere into the batting lineup as long as it is after the last batted player. A line up is not established until you have gone through the lineup. If a player arrives late or leaves early for any reason (illness, injury, discipline, or prior personal schedule commitment), that spot in the batting order will NOT be considered an Out. Managers should make an attempt to notify the opposing team manager and umpire of the player that plans to arrive late or leave early due to personal schedule conflicts.

    18. Each team will provide a new game ball to the umpire prior to the start of the game. A second ball should be available from each team. It is not necessary to open the 2nd ball until it’s needed and you may use a slightly used game ball from a previous game as the 2nd ball.

    19. Each team will be limited to a manager and 3 coaches in the dugout at any time during the game. Managers and coaches must remain in the dugout during the game except while coaching a base, warming up a pitcher, and during time outs.

    20. All players must remain in the dugout during the game except to warm up pitchers. Players will be allowed to leave the dugout only after the manager or coaches have been notified.

    21. A manager or designated coach must request and be granted a time out by the umpire before being allowed on the field of play.

    22. The Home Team will be the official scorekeeper and will operate the scoreboard. These duties should be handled by adults representing each team and they will supervise the official score of the game.

      1. While in the score box, these adults may cheer and encourage their teams, but they must refrain from coaching.

    23. Progression of games:

      1. Each team is allowed one (1) offensive time out per inning.

      2. After the 3rd out is played, each team has 2 minutes to take their respective positions in order to keep the pace of the game going and avoid any delaying of game playing time. Umpires can award a ball to the offense if a delay occurs that is the fault of the defense, and can award a strike to the defense if the delay is the fault of the offense. These awards will occur every 30 seconds starting at the 2 minute point.

      3. If a player is injured during a game, they may leave the game and then return if they are able. Any player that is bleeding must be removed from the field. Provide aid to halt the bleeding and clean any blood from the skin. Any blood soiled clothing must be changed, cleaned or covered up (e.g., tape) prior to the player returning to the field. Since blood can carry communicable diseases, this procedure helps reduce the likelihood of an exposure.

      4. If a player is injured during an at-bat, the last batted out may complete the at-bat for the injured player.


    1. Any violations of these pitching rules will result in the forfeiture of the game. If the game is a loss, then the pitcher in violation will be ineligible to pitch in the team’s next game.

    2. The following pitch limits are required for 14U and will not exceed 95 pitches in a game;

      1. 21-35 pitches = 1 day rest 36-50 pitches = 2 days rest 51-65 pitches = 3 days rest 66+ pitches = 4 days rest

    3. The following pitch limits are required for 18U and will not exceed 105 pitches in a game;

      1. 31-45 pitches = 1 day rest 46-60 pitches = 2 days rest 61-75 pitches = 3 days rest 76+ pitches = 4 days rest

      2. EXCEPTION – If a pitcher reaches the limit for a rest threshold in his/her league age group while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until the at-bat is completed. This is for any rest threshold.

      3. If a team is playing two games in one day, any pitcher from the first game that has less than 21 pitches in 14U OR 31 pitches in 18U may pitch in the second game.

      4. A pitcher who delivers 44 or more pitches in a game cannot play the position of catcher for the remainder of that day.

      5. At the end of each inning a representative from each team tracking pitches will meet with the opposing team to compare counts to ensure accuracy.

    4. All pitching records must be kept available with the team at all times. This record will include the initials of the manager from both teams to ensure accuracy and should be shown to the opposing manger (of the next game) to verify that rest rules are being met.

    5. Once a pitcher leaves the position he may not return as a pitcher.

    6. One (1) pitch thrown (including warm ups) constitutes an inning pitched.

    7. At any time, all managers should be able to produce a record of innings played which includes pitch counts per game.

    8. Manager or designated coach may make one (1) visit to the mound per inning, per pitcher; on the 2nd visit, the pitcher must be replaced.

    9. A maximum of 5 warm-up pitches is allowed between innings unless the 2 minute limit has expired. A maximum of 8 warm-up pitches for a new pitcher entering the game during a half inning that has not yet been completed. (A coach should warm up the pitcher while the catcher puts on his gear.)

    10. The pitchers shirt under is uniform cannot be white or gray. It should be the same color or darker than his uniform.

    11. The pitcher should not have anything other than his glove on either of his arms.


    1. This is a judgment call by the umpire and the umpire will explain why a balk has been called to the pitcher (and the manager if asked).


    1. EJECTIONS - if any player, coach, or spectator is eject their home park will be responsible for any discipline actions for the first two offenses. If they are ejected a third time, they will be suspended for the remainder of the season.

      1. No appeals will be heard for any suspension.

      2. Zero tolerance will be enforced.

    2. A runner is out if he does not legally slide or attempt to avoid a collision with a fielder making a play on him. A player may be ejected if he initiates malicious contact, as judged by an umpire.

    3. Head first sliding is permitted.

    4. If a batter “slings” the bat, then the play stands and the team is given a warning from the umpire. If another batter on the same team “slings” the bat after a warning has been given, then the batter is out, the ball is dead and no runners advance.

      1. NOTE: Each team will be given one (1) warning per game.

    5. Bunting is allowed and follows the rules of regulation baseball. (No fake bunting and then swinging, Slashing)

      1. PENALTY: No warning is given and the batter is out.

    6. Intentional walks: Manager should inform umpire that they would like to walk the batter. No pitches have to be thrown. The batter automatically takes first base.

    7. Batters must keep one foot in the batter’s box at all times, unless a time out has been granted. The penalty will be a called strike.

    8. Courtesy runners will only be allowed for the catcher with two out. The base runner will be the player who made the last batted out. A runner for the catcher is MANDATORY with 2 (two) outs.

  1. SECTION VIII – End of Season Tournaments

    1. End of Season Rankings will be used to set teams in pool.

    2. There will be be two pool play games for each team played in one day.

    3. Single elimination bracket will be set based on pool play record.

    4. There will be a gold and silver bracket for each age group.

    5. End of season tournament will be administered on Tourney Machine.

    6. Tie breakers for seeding will be as follows

      1. Winning percentage

      2. Head to Head record if two teams are tied

      3. Run Differential (maximum of 7 runs per game)

      4. Runs Allowed

      5. Runs Scored

      6. Coin flip

    7. Tournament play will adhere is the same playing rules with regard to fielding a team and the continuous batter order. No changes will be made to the pitching rules for tournament play.

    8. Pool play home team will be determined by a coin toss at the plate meeting.

    9. Bracket home team will be the higher seeded team from Pool Play.

    10. There can be no ties during the tournament. If time has expired (or 6 innings have been played) and the teams are tied then they will play Tie Breaker Rules immediately. The batting team will place a runner on second base (the last batted out from the previous inning) and they will begin with 1 out on the board. This will continue until a winner can be declared.

    11. Championship Games will have no time limit.


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