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            Paving all spectator areas, including brick plaza

          Scorers/storage building at Pony/Colt
            Practice facility construction - infield, 4 bullpens, 2 cages, lights

            Batting cage replacement (5) and additions ( 4)

            Mustang field renovation - laser graded, sod, fences, irrigation *

            Signage (incl entrance sign)

            Spectator benches (9) and picnic tables

            Trees (125 ), plantings (6 areas)

            Irrigation replacement (5 fields)

            Safety netting replacement (3 fields)

            Additional field lights - Bronco, Pony/Colt

            Batting cage lighting - Mustang

            Replacement of all wood light poles *

            Scoreboard replacement (3)

            Concrete stairs (3) *

            Scorers towers at Mustang, Bronco

            Restroom improvements *

            Parking improvements *

            Security cameras at concession building #1

            Rainwater collection system

            Bullpen improvements (6)

            Shetland bleacher roof

            Mustang dugouts, backstop, fences, netting

            Pinto fence paint

            Pinto scorers booth

            Pinto dugout replacement

            Bronco, Pony/Colt infield replacement
            Additional trees (60)*
            Mustang infield drain
            Pinto shade structure
            Pinto backstop-dugout drains & concrete deck
            Pinto stadium steps
            Pony/Colt dugouts
            Pony/Colt bleacher roofs
            Bronco bleacher roof
            Scoreboard replacement (6 fields)*
            Pinto soft toss station
            Wall replacement at Pony/Colt, Football Complex and Tennis*
            Additional parking spaces (39)*

            Helmet racks for Shetand, Pinto, Mustang, Bronco

            Covered tractor compound at PO/CO field

            New field lights for Pinto, Pony/Colt, Bronco, Shetland and Football*

            New playground*

            Safety net replacement for Pony/Colt (done by Atlanta Braves)

            Three new concession/restroom buildings (incl patio, stairs, ramp)*

            Infield replacement for Mustang, Bronco, Pony/Colt

            Practice facility improvements

            Batting cage turf installation (12 cages)

            Two additonal batting cages at football complex

            Irrigation system upgrades* 

Approximate Total Cost:  Over $5,000,000   


* Projects completely funded by Cobb Parks and Rec or SPLOST projects

   Many other projects funded by Cobb Matching Grant Program (50% ESBA/50% Cobb Parks & Rec)


   Total cost does not include county payroll or equipment expense or ongoing maintenance.



Updated Dec 2017