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Team Mom/Dad Help Sheet

    • Team jersey, hat, and socks 
    • Participation trophies are provided for the Rookie, Shetland & Pinto leagues in the spring season. Participation trophies for fall are left up to the discretion of each team.
    • Trophies are awarded to regular season champion and the championship game participants in the spring; Championship game participants in fall.
      Fees also provide for baseballs, umpires, catchers gear, field maintenance, insurance, clinics, administrative costs, etc.

Help your head coach hand out a team roster. Most now communicate through email and the ESBA website. Offer to gather additional contact information, such as home, work and cell phone numbers and email addresses. Cell phone numbers are necessary when rain cancels a practice in progress. You will want to make all parents aware of the ESBA website:  eastsidebaseball.com.

In addition to general league information and ESBA bylaws (including playing rules), this website provides game & practice schedules, updates on field conditions, contacts, etc. Your coach may update schedules on your team page as well. 


If names are used on jerseys (usually Bronco and younger), ESBA requires names to be last names only – no first names or nicknames. The head coach will determine style of game pants, but Pony and Colt use gray pants, many don't need to buy new ones. If you are ordering pants, obtain a sample pack for sizing. You might offer to order additional socks or shirts/performance apparel for layering. Some coaches like to order team shirts for themselves & the assistant coaches, either East Side or team logo. Listed below are companies that teams have used in the past. You can use whomever you wish; there is no obligation to any vendor listed. It’s a good idea to provide the vendor with a typed list of names to avoid handwriting misunderstandings.


Younger teams (12U) usually have post-game snacks. A snack schedule should be provided to each family to include each game.  It is easiest to do it alphabetically by last name. It is good to remind the next family at the previous game or with a phone call or email or note on the team website. Stress that it is a snack and no one is required to provide a meal. After everyone has done one snack, it’s nice to double-up (even triple) families together the second time through the list as the team advances in tournament play. ESBA concessions offers many options and 20% discounts - need to place order at start of your game.

You may want to include some or all of the following on your snack schedule:

         ·        Any food allergies your players may have

·        A reminder to provide enough for siblings

·        How to handle postponed/cancelled games. Typically the snack family of the     cancelled game is responsible for the make-up game, whenever it gets played.

·        ESBA concessions offer a 20% discount pricing on team orders; place order and pay      at the start of your game. Concessions close at 9 pm.

It’s nice to acknowledge the snack family by having the kids say thank you. Also ask everyone to participate in cleaning up the bleacher area before leaving.


Many younger (10U) teams like to have banners for their games. Talk to the head coach and see if he or she wants a banner. Some teams string together pennants ordered from the internet, and after the season they make a nice momento for each player. Some teams hold a pre-season party and involve the kids in making the banner. It is nice to have a banner for the parents to learn the names of the players on the team. The kids enjoy seeing their names on it. As a team mom/dad you are responsible for the banner at all games, including hanging it up and taking it down.


Game or practice cancellations due to weather or poor field conditions are usually posted on ESBA’s website, usually by 4 pm on weekdays, if possible or can be determined by that time. It is possible that some fields are playable while others are not. If there is a last-minute change, it’s nice to offer to make or split the phone calls with the coach.


Teams will have additional fees which they will need to collect from each family. These fees may include expenditures for practice baseballs, scorebook, lettering on jerseys, first aid kits, cost of team pants, belts, banner, indoor practice sessions, coaches’ gifts and end of season party. Some head coaches prefer to maintain the accounting; so you should discuss how and when to collect. Some teams estimate the expenses for the season, assess the parents once, and put any money left towards the team party. You may think of booking your party ahead of time and collecting for that as well. It is wise to keep track of all expenses, save the receipts, and provide the parents with an itemized listing. Also, it is important to be sensitive and considerate when making decisions which affect other people’s finances.  Excessive assessments can be difficult and upsetting to many families, especially if some items are not needed.  Total assessments need to be held to no more than $70 per family, less in Rookie, Bronco, Pony and Colt (if any).


As the end of the season approaches for many of the teams, parties for the players are a great way to wrap up another great season of play. The team mom/dad coordinates the arrangements, usually after asking the head coach for his/her preferences and requesting suggestions from the parents. Subdivision pools, restaurants, houses and parks are good choices. Maybe take in a Braves or even a Georgia Tech baseball game. This is solely up to the team as to how they wish to celebrate their season.


In the Spring season, ESBA arranges for a photographer to take team and individual pictures. Every team up to Bronco age is expected to attend team photos; it is an important fund raiser for the membership.  Without team photos, your registration fee would need to be increased.

The team mom/dad is responsible for gathering the team at their designated time and place. You may be asked to distribute photo order forms to all team members in advance. It is recommended that you have the team arrive 15 minutes early in full uniform. They may be running ahead of schedule. You might suggest that the players hold their favorite bat or glove for their individual photo. Team moms/dads are encouraged to get in the team picture. It is a nice reminder for your child the extra effort you put out for him/her. If photos are not mailed directly to families, you may be asked to distribute them.

Fall season is designed to be more low-key, so it's up to each team to take their own photo if desired or arrange for photographer of their choosing.


The head coach is required to have a medical waiver signed for each player. You can assist him in getting parents to complete the forms; allergies should be noted on them. The coach usually keeps the waivers in a bat-bag or notebook..

Automated External Defibrilators (AED's) are located at both ends of the park, one on the scorers stand at the Mustang field and one on the small building next to the lower batting cage complex. AED’s will help a person suffering from cardiac arrest by providing an electrical shock. These devices talk you through the process. Coaches have the lock combination and are familiar with them.

As safe play is a priority at ESBA, make parents aware of the following protective gear that is available for their child (none of these are required): athletic cup (most kids like the sliding pants with a built-in cupholder), chest protector, face guard (on the helmet), and a mouth guard. A first-aid kit and instant ice packs should always be available to the team. Ice and Ziplocs are available from the concession stand if it’s open.

Ask parents to label all equipment clearly, including refreshing faded lettering. Keep a sharpie on hand to help with this. Last names and phone numbers on hats, gloves, bats, helmets, and even water bottles & coolers have prevented many lost items and equipment mix-ups. Lost & Found is located at both concession buildings.


Team moms/dads can play a key part in getting families out for special events like barbeques, all-star and board voting, player clinics, team photos, etc. Your interest and enthusiasm will play an important role in generating support for events and fundraisers which benefit all of us at ESBA.


Being a team mom/dad helps you to develop a great bond with a team. There are many special things you can do to give teams that little something special to remember their season.

·        Candid close-up or action photo of each child

·        Customized baseball cards of the player &/or team

·        Key chain with their names for equipment bags

·        Picture scrapbooks

·        CD of photos taken throughout the season

·        Achievement certificates (your coach may want to create individual awards)

·        Embroidered baseball pillow cases or t-shirts

·        Create personalized candy bar wrappers over Hershey bars

You can contact the MLB teams (and minor league teams in the fall season), and some will send you team paraphernalia free.


Uniform Pants & Lettering:

Ultimate Sports Apparel (MarciaHaber@yahoo.com) 678-521-6749

D-Bat Marietta

Jonquil Sporting Goods  (Spring Rd, Smyrna)
Uniformity      (www.uniformity.us)                    770-309-6532
Kessler’s Team Sports (Woodstock)                   770-928-0227
Campus Sports (www.cs-identitywear.com)        770-926-1629
BSN (www.bsnsports.com)



All About Signs      (near Dick's)                          770-977-0408
Sandy Plains Printing                                          770-977-5962
www.teambanner.com                                        678-428-5839
Copy Max/Copy Depot                                         770-971-8553
FedEx Kinkos Office & Print Services                     770-509-6600

Banner materials (homemade):
Hancock Fabric                                                    770-971-1257
Jo-Ann Etc.                                                         770-428-9986
Wal-Mart, Michael’s

Better Baseball (South Cobb Dr past Lockheed)
Dick’s Sporting Goods (Barrett Pkwy)                
Jonquil Sporting Goods (Spring Rd, Smyrna)           770-434-3087
Target / Wal-Mart

Licensed items, baseball items, sports-related sites:



Lost and Found: Located at both concession stands. Also check in scorer stands at each field.


Party Places:

All-Star Pizza (book early); L.Roswell Rd       770-977-222
Capozzi; Roswell Rd                                     770-321-5550
Cedar Creek Lanes; Delk Rd                        770-988-8813
Fuddruckers; Windy Hill Rd (private room)    770-980-9863
Johnny’s Pizza; Roswell Rd                          770-565-8665
Pump It Up                                                  770-794-5867
Suburban Tap                                               770-977-4467
Tijuana Joes                                                 770-321-1233
US Play                                                       770-427-7670
Turner Field Tours                                        404-614-2311


Metal or iron-on stars:     Hancock Fabrics or Jo-Ann Etc.
Baseball card software or tee shirt software:   Office Max
Scrapbook copying binding:   Copy Max


Crown Trophy                                               678-560-2545
www.trophydepot.com                                1-800-286-7096
Letter Perfect Engraving (Tom & Debbie Matlock) 770-578-0222


Thank you for being a team mom or dad.

Please feel free to contact us with questions/suggestions/ideas.