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Parents are expected to display exemplary conduct during games and practices, providing a positive example of good sportsmanship for the players. Players, coaches, umpires and other officials are to be treated with respect by all persons attending a game, and any form of harassment toward any individual involved in a game is not permitted. Persons judged to be violating this rule may be requested by the umpire or other ESBA official to leave the area of the field, and if flagrant or recurring, may be subject to dismissal from the Association by majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Complaints or appeals by parents may be made in writing to the League Commissioner or to the President of the Association.  Written complaints to the Board will be investigated and replied to within a reasonable time.

Umpires' decisions involving judgment (as contrasted with interpretation of a playing rule) are final, and no person may object to such judgment decisions, beyond brief and respectful appeal to the umpire who made the call. The umpire may, with or without advance warning, remove any player or coach from a game for any action involving poor sportsmanship, including but not limited to: throwing a helmet or bat in disgust; using language or actions reflecting in a derogatory, distracting or inciting manner toward opposing players, coaches, umpires or spectators; or using abusive language or actions in an outburst of temper. Persons ejected from a game must immediately leave the area of the field.  Each time a coach or player is ejected, the League Commissioner will report the incident to the President within 48 hours.

Additionally, under the ESBA Zero Tolerance Policy, any coach shall be suspended for one game if he displays any form of disrespect toward an umpire.  Acts of disrespect include any derogatory remark, or any extreme physical reaction, or continuing to argue after the next pitch, or clear act of poor sportsmanship to an umpire's call, including balls and strikes.  A second occurence of violating this policy in the same season will result in that coach's suspension until the Board of Directors determines further disciplinary action, which may include suspension as a coach for the rest of that season.

Sanctions for player ejections will be determined by each league's Commissioner and Board Representative.  Sanctions for Zero Tolerance violations or other misconduct by any member are administered by a league's Commissioner, Board Representative and the President.