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The following leagues are authorized:

     Rookie:  League age 4


  • Shetland: League ages 5 and 6 
    • May use age divisions - 5U and 6U
    • Post-season Tournament Teams
  • Pinto: League ages 7 and 8
    • May use age divisions - 7U and 8U
    • Post-season Tournament Teams
  • Mustang: League ages 9 and 10
    • All teams play in one league
    • Travel Teams
    • Hybrid Teams
    • Post-season Tournament Teams
  • Bronco: League ages 11 and 12
    • All teams play in one league
    • Travel Teams
    • Hybrid Teams  
    • Post-season Tournament Teams
  • Pony: League ages 13 and 14
    • All teams play in one league
    • Travel Teams
    • Post-season Tournament Teams
  • Colt: League ages 15-18
    • All teams play in one league
    • Travel Teams
    • Post-season Tournament Teams  

Travel Teams:

Travel teams may be authorized at the Mustang age and older. Travel team coaches are approved by the Board.


Tryouts, if required, will be held after clear advance notice to all eligible East Side players. Tryouts will be approved in advance by the Board. The head coach will make team selections, subject to ESBA approval. The number of non-ESBA players on a travel team is limited, as the primary purpose of the travel program is to provide a travel experience for our East Side families.

See Travel Team Policy.


Tournament Teams:

ESBA supports a Post-season tournament team program (Tournament Teams) to field teams of coaches, players and parents who will best represent ESBA through their respective teams' competitiveness, sportsmanship and teamwork. 

 Guidelines. In order to be recognized as an ESBA team and enter tournaments under the ESBA name and insurance, they must meet the following guidelines:

1.   Teams must only consist of players currently registered at ESBA

2.   No team obligation shall conflict with the regular season (ESBA Spring and Fall).

3.   Any player or coach who misses a recreation league practice or game for a Tournament Team event will be subject to removal from the Tournament Team.

4.   No team may enter tournaments during the regular Spring season inclusive of the end-of-season tournaments.  Tournament Teams may play Sunday only tournaments during the Fall season except for during the Fall end-of-season tournament.

5.   Being consistent with Team Selection bylaws, a parent has the right to avoid playing for a coach and therefore must inform league commissioner prior to selection date.  Only one request per player and must be received by the league commissioner prior to the Primary Team Head Coach Selection.

6.   The A, B and Club teams after having been established through the selection process may remain intact for the purpose of competing in post-season tournaments until the following regular Spring season (date recreation league teams formed/drafts). 

7.   Alternates may be used from other post-season teams to remain intact only if the other team is not competing and with the permission of the other team’s head coach.

8.   Should any A or B team roster fall below 8 of the selected players they may not enter/compete as the selected A or B team and shall be guided by the ‘Club Team’ guideline.

Timing of Events

1.   Start accepting applications upon Spring Registration up until Primary Team Player Selection.

2.   League Commissioner will designate one practice slot per week (i.e the last Sunday practice slot) for Tournament Team participant practice which shall be open to all ESBA registered players who have submitted an application.

3.   Practices shall be run by previous year’s Tournament Team coaches and regular season coaches seeking to run for selection as a Tournament Team coach.

4.   Primary Team Head Coach selection will take place between April 1 and April 10th

5.   Primary Player selection between April 20th and April 26th.   

Primary (“A”) Team Head Coach Election 

Any person wishing to be on the ballot to be the Primary Team Head Coach must submit his name to his commissioner by March 31st.  The ESBA board can prohibit an individual against whom it has taken disciplinary action from being on the ballot to be a tournament team head coach.
The regular season coaches will meet between April 1 and April 10 to elect a primary tournament team head coach.  If there are multiple applicants in a league, each coach applicant will have two minutes to discuss his candidacy.
Regular season head coaches will vote by secret, written ballot.  If a head coach applicant receives greater than 50% of the first ballots cast, he or she shall be deemed the primary  tournament team head coach.  If the first ballot comprises more than two head coach applicants, but the initial ballot does not result in a head coach applicant receiving greater than 50% of the ballots cast, the two head coach applicants receiving the highest percentage of the ballots cast will be placed on a second ballot, and the recipient of greater than 50% of the second ballots cast will be deemed the primary tournament team head coach.  In the event of any tie on a final vote, the league commissioner will flip a coin to determine the primary tournament team head coach.   
If no one has submitted his name to coach a primary tournament team by April 15, the board can consider late applicants who then must be elected using the procedure outlined above.
Primary Team Player Selection

Each primary tournament team will consist of 11 to 13 players.  All players other than a head coach’s Coach Picks will be selected by secret, written ballot. 
No players will be considered for selection to a tournament team unless their respective parents complete and submit an application form prior to the player election.  Any player for whom the applicable league commissioner does not receive a completed form will be ineligible for selection to a tournament team and will be ineligible to be an alternate on any tournament team.
The player election will occur between April 20th and April 26th.  Each respective league’s regular season head coaches all MUST be present at the election or must deliver their first ballot selections to the true neutral (i.e., does not have a child in the league for which a team is being selected) board member who is monitoring the team selection meeting.  Absentee coaches may vote on the first ballot only.
Each respective league’s commissioner must be present and preside over each respective league’s election.  A true neutral board member must be present to count ballots.  All proceedings associated with the election are confidential and should not be discussed outside the meeting room. 
All ballots shall be secret, written ballots.  Each ballot of each round must be written on a piece of paper with the name of each respective head coach’s regular season team on the ballot.  After each round, the ballots will be delivered to the neutral board member who will tally the votes, report the results to the commissioner and destroy the ballots. 

·         First Ballot.  Prior to any discussion of eligible players, the tournament team head coach will declare the number of players he will carry.  Each head coach will mark his ballot for the number of nominees that would fill the team’s roster when added to the 2 players to be selected by the Primary Head Coach after final balloting.  Head coaches may vote for players on their own teams.  Any player receiving at least 80% of the regular season head coaches’ first-ballot votes shall be deemed to have been selected for the team. 

·         Second Ballot.  Each regular season head coach will be allowed a total of 30 seconds to support his team’s nominated players who remain on the ballot.  Coaches should limit their discussion to only those players whom they believe are worthy of taking one of the remaining open roster slots; they should not discuss players whom they believe are secondary team players.  Other coaches may ask questions of the respective head coach, but there shall be no commentary by other coaches regarding those players until the head coach has left the room.

The tournament team head coach will discuss his candidates first and then must leave the room for the remainder of the discussion of players.  Each remaining regular season head coach then will discuss his players and leave the room while the other coaches may discuss that coach’s nominees.  After all regular season head coaches finish speaking, each regular season head coach shall cast votes for the number of players equal to the remaining slots on the team.  Any player receiving 70% of the regular season head coaches’ votes shall be deemed to have been selected for the team. 

·         Third Ballot.  Without any further discussion of players, each regular season head coach shall cast votes for the number of players equal to the remaining slots on the team.  Any player receiving 60% of the regular season head coaches’ votes shall be deemed to have been selected for the team.  If an insufficient number of players receive 60% of the votes cast, the remaining roster spots prior to the last 2 (Coach Picks), shall be filled, in descending order, with the players receiving the highest number of votes on the third ballot.  

If the number of players selected by the methods described above should exceed the number of players the primary tournament team head coach intends to carry, the players with the fewest votes shall be dropped to get to a full roster of players to complete the open roster spots.




·          Coach Picks.  Once the voting process has been concluded, the primary team head coach shall announce his picks for the last 2 roster slots.  Should the primary team head coach’s child(ren) not been selected to the team via the previous process the head coach must use his Coach Picks to select the player(s) to the team.   

B Team:

When the player election concludes for the primary tournament team in each league, the league commissioner will open the floor to applicants to coach additional tournament team(s).  The election of additional team head coach and players shall be conducted according to the same procedures outlined above for primary teams. Only one A and one B team per age group shall be selected via the established selection process.  All additional teams shall be formed as Club Teams

Club Teams. 

Coaches are also permitted to form post-season teams after the league-selected teams are formed.  Club teams must abide by the same guidelines provided and must submit to the board the following:

·        Roster of regular season registered players

·        Head Coach Application

·        Named Assistant Coaches (must abide by coach guidelines for background checks)


Tournament Team Uniforms

Team Names: "A" Team is named Thunder; "B" team is named Lightning.  Club teams will use board approved team names excluding the aforementioned names should B&C teams not be selected.  Board approved names are Hurricanes, Cyclones, Tornadoes

Uniforms:  Hats must have the approved ES script logo on front.  Teams will use the board approved logos provided by the Tournament Chair.  ESBA's official colors of Red, White and Blue are encouraged.  Actual color selection is the discretion the head coach after review from the Tournament Team Chair.  Jersey style, pants, socks, helmets, and bat bags up to the discretion of coach. 


1/16, 4/17, 7/18