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It is the association’s goal for each player and each team to have benefit of the best coaches possible. It is also realized that different people may have varying definitions of a “good coach”, and such judgment must ultimately be made by the Board of Directors using thorough, careful deliberation in selecting coaches.


ESBA Policies and Procedures on Criminal Background Check

In order to protect the youth of ESBA, a criminal background check is mandatory for all Board Members, Head Coaches, Commissioners and “official” Assistant Coaches. An “official” Assistant Coach is any coach designated by the head coach as an Assistant or any coach who will be alone with players, or responsible for a team during a game or practice.


A written authorization form allowing ESBA to order an individual criminal background check is required by ESBA and it is the responsibility of the candidate for the coaching position or potential Board Member, the “Applicant”, to fill out the ESBA background check form and return it as follows: if not already on file for the Spring season, Board Member’s forms must be returned prior to the ESBA annual elections; Head Coaches forms must be returned with the head coach application; Assistant Coach forms must be returned two weeks prior to the start of the first game of the season or prior to assuming official Assistant Coach duties. Failure to provide a background check form by the deadline may disqualify the applicant from consideration for their coaching or board position.


The Board of Directors shall appoint a three (3) member committee, the Background Check “Committee”, to administer all background check procedures. The Committee shall be made up of three board members with one member being the current Board President and the other two selected by a vote of the Board. The League Commissioners or designated Board Member shall receive the completed background check authorization forms and forward them to the Background Check Committee. The Committee shall be responsible for transmitting the forms to the reporting agency selected by the Board. The Committee shall receive and review the results of the background check reports from the agency. The Committee shall determine if any individual does not meet the ESBA minimum standards for coaches and Board members using the following criteria as a guide:


Individual applicants (“Applicants”) shall be disqualified from positions as a Board Member, Head Coach, Commissioner or Assistant Coach if they were ever convicted of the following:


    A. Any crimes against children

    B. Any felony conviction involving violence

    C. Any sexual offense


Should any pending charges described in “A” through “C” be uncovered, or should any of the above charges be brought against an Applicant during the coach’s season or during the Board Member’s term, the Applicant shall be suspended from serving as a coach or Board Member until such time as the charges have been cleared or dropped and he is reinstated by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


In addition, Applicants shall be disqualified if they have been convicted of the following within the past seven (7) years:


  • Any Felony conviction
  • Any crimes of moral turpitude, as determined by a majority vote of the full Board of Directors
  • More than one criminal offense that is drug or alcohol related, or more than one driving while under the influence (DWI) conviction.


The Background Check Committee shall notify the affected Applicant that a disqualifying entry was reported on the criminal background check and determine if the Applicant chooses to withdraw their name from consideration or request a review by the full Board of Directors. If a review is requested, a “Special Meeting” of the Board of Directors will be called and the affected Applicant will be notified of the meeting date and time. The Board of Directors will review the disqualification to determine if any exception should be granted. A full written disclosure of the criminal background history may be made to the Board of Directors as part of the review process and the Applicant is encouraged to attend the special meeting and provide any additional information as he/she chooses. The decision by the Board of Directors shall be final and will be based on a majority vote of the board members in attendance at the special meeting. The Board of Directors is authorized to take this action pursuant to the Bylaws of East Side Baseball Association and has the obligation to only approve coaches, assistant coaches and volunteers of the highest moral character.


All information obtained in response to the criminal background check or disclosed in the review process shall be kept confidential and not disclosed or discussed outside of the review process. In the event the Applicant feels a mistake has been reported in their criminal background check, it is the Applicant’s responsibility to contact the reporting agency and resolve any issues. ESBA and its members are not responsible for errors or omissions that may be reported on background checks. The Background check committee of ESBA shall maintain all authorizations and records or reports in a confidential manner.


Coaches’ Responsibilities:


  • Coaches are expected to make each player’s season an enjoyable experience, to develop each player’s baseball skills through regular practices, and to treat players, parents and game officials with respect at all times, setting a good example for their players.
  • Each coach is expected to read and be knowledgeable of ESBA’s Constitution and Bylaws, and to attend all coaches meetings. Coaches not conforming to ESBA Bylaws are subject to removal as a coach by the Board.
  • Each head coach (or in his absence, an assistant coach) must regularly conduct practices and maintain proper adult supervision of all players during practices. A coach practicing players other than those on his official team roster does so without sanction or approval of ESBA.
  • Each head coach must conduct a pre-season meeting of his team’s parents to explain ESBA expectations, schedules, team routines and responsibilities of parents and players. In the event a player sustains a serious injury (renders a player unconscious or requires a physician’s attention) during a game or practice, the head coach must report this injury to his League Commissioner within 24 hours. The League Commissioner must also report such injury to the President.


Coach Selection:


  • The Board must approve all head coaches, including regular season, post season and travel teams. The Board reserves the right to approve assistant coaches. All post-season teams must submit the names of head coaches and assistant coaches to the Board.
  • Candidates for head coaching roles must submit an ESBA head coach application to be considered. Each League Commissioner will submit a list of all head coach candidates to the Board for approval.


Recommendation and approval will consider various factors related to a candidate’s qualifications, such as years of experience as an East Side coach, playing or other coaching experience, perceived coaching effectiveness, parent surveys and/or complaints, past experience in developing players, past practice frequency, and recommendations from league officials.

Previous East Side head coaches will be given special consideration in recognition of previous volunteer time given and having a known coaching record. In determining “seniority” for preliminary consideration of previous East Side coaches, the following points will be awarded to establish a ranking for initial review:


  • 3 points for each season as a spring head coach.
  • 2 points for each season as a fall head coach.
  • 2 points for each post season team head coach.
  • 1 point for each season as an official assistant coach of a regular season or post season team.


Points are limited to a maximum of only one team per regular season and one team per post season. Persons not coaching due to responsibilities as a Board member or Commissioner will be awarded equivalent points per season.


The above points are used to establish a preliminary ranking of candidates, but other factors also will be considered for final determination by the Board. Additional consideration will also be given to coaches in good standing returning to the same league, coaches rising from the next lower age group and coaches not receiving teams the previous spring due to exclusion based solely on greater seniority of other coaches.

If a candidate applies for the Bronco National Division, his child must also be projected to achieve a tryout score commensurate with the anticipated draft order (i.e., within or near the highest 66 if 6 teams of 11 players).