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The Board of Directors must function as described in the association’s Constitution. Decisions of the Board require simple majority vote of the total number of Board members, except that changes or exceptions to the association’s Bylaws require a six-ninths majority vote.

To be listed on the Board of Directors ballot, adult members may submit their names to the ESBA President during the two weeks prior to the annual meeting in May.  A candidate’s name may appear on the ballot in an age category for which he/she has a participating child during the upcoming board year. Candidates not having a participating child may be placed in a “most likely” age category, based on the previous season’s activity.  The President shall close nominations to the board ballot within 24 hours of the end of the annual meeting, and once closed no changes shall be made.  Only names on the official board ballot shall be considered in the voting.  A Board member who resigns prior to December 1 is replaced by the person with the next highest vote total in the resigning member’s category, but excluding any current Board member whose name appears in such open category but is already serving in another age or at large category.