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Play is governed by the Constitution and Bylaws of East Side Baseball Association and by the Official Baseball Rules. The following Playing Rules override any similar provisions of the Official Baseball Rules.


Parents are expected to display exemplary conduct during games and practices, providing a positive example of good sportsmanship for the players. Players, coaches and other officials are to be treated with respect by all persons attending a game, and any form of harassment toward any individual involved in a game is not permitted.  (See full Bylaw on Conduct)

Minimum Roster:

In event of a short roster (less than 5 players), a team may use other players from that league. Such fill-in players must bat last.

Length of Games:

Games are scheduled for 2 full innings and scheduled game time is 1 hour. If the second inning ends within 40 minutes of elapsed game time, a third inning may be played. Each half inning ends when the entire team bats. Outs are not recorded.


All batters use a batting tee and are not retired until hitting a fair ball. The batting order is the entire roster each inning.  Coaches will vary the order from game to game so each player experiences different spots in the batting order. Batters must use a normal stance in the batters box and the batting tee must be placed directly over home plate. Batted balls not hit to or beyond the 10’ batter’s arc are considered foul.  Bunting is not permitted (considered a foul ball).


Runners are not called out. All batters run the bases, and the last batter up automatically gets a home run to clear the bases. Batters and runners advance as a result of a hit ball only (no base stealing).  A runner who must leave his base is replaced by the last batter retired without penalty. Offensive team coaches are stationed at every base, with the home plate coach placing balls on the batting tee and positioning batters.


All team members play every defensive inning, with a pitcher, 4 traditional infielders, no catcher, and the remaining players beyond the basedpaths (back of infield). Fielders may not take positions any closer to the batter than the radius of the pitcher’s rubber (38') to home plate. The defensive team may have three coaches in the outfield to help position and instruct players. 

Safety and Equipment:

All players except players at bat, on deck, on bases or in the field defensively must remain behind the backstop fence. All batters, base runners and catchers must wear protective helmets approved by ESBA. Bats larger than 2 1/4 inches in diameter or 28 inches in length are not permitted.