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East Side Baseball Association recognizes that its sole purpose is to provide a quality program of youth baseball to the east Cobb community.

As a Federal 501(c)3 charitable organization, it is not appropriate for ESBA to solicit or collect funds for other charitable organization or causes. Additionally, the association cannot be in the position of favoring some and turning away numerous others.

ESBA accepts the responsibility to protect and maintain control over its members’ personal information maintained on its data bases. Use of member information is prohibited from any use for or by external organizations without express authorization of the ESBA President, and then only when directly related to ESBA business and within the anticipated interests of the membership. Such use may include notice of ESBA events such as registration, skills evaluations, travel team tryouts, camps and clinics for ESBA, or other such events clearly beneficial to all members.

It is intended that email communications from ESBA data bases to members be limited in frequency and degree of importance. Members should feel comfortable that their personal information held by ESBA will be respected and protected from inappropriate use. Board representatives and Commissioners must also follow these guidelines when communicating to members of their leagues. Communication to and among a league’s coaches are more open and frequent, but care must still be exercised in the appropriate use of ESBA information as described above.

ESBA Sponsors are not granted access to the member information, though Sponsors are not precluded from such access when in conjunction with an approved special program benefiting ESBA.