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Pinto, Mustang, Bronco, Pony and Colt: Spring seasons end with double elimination or pool play tournaments that include all teams. Fall season may end with single or double elimination or pool play tournaments.  ESBA Playing Rules remain in effect during regular season tournaments except as follows:




Spring season seeding is determined by regular season standings (points). Ties in standings are resolved by results of head-to-head games. If still unresolved, a coin toss is used.  Home team will be the higher seed.  In a first championship game, winner's bracket team is home team. If a second championship game is needed, home team is determined by coin toss.


Fall season seeding is by drawing, and home-visitor designation is by coin toss, except first championship game, winner's bracket team is home team.  If a second championship game is needed, home team is determined by coin toss.


Pitching - Spring and Fall season tournaments:

Regular season rules based on pitch count apply to all tournaments - same pitch count limits and rest requirements except that fall season Mustang and Bronco inning limit changes from 2 innings to 3 innings per day.


For Pony and Colt, pitching weeks might not start on Mondays or last seven days.




Championship games are not subject to a time limit. Usual length of game rules are followed, except single or double elimination tournament games may not end in a tie.


Pinto Tie-Breaker: If a game is tied after regulation (time or innings), each subsequent half inning starts at the top of each team's original batting order with one out, a runner on second base (last player in original order), no run limit, and play continues until either 3 are out or bat their entire roster, whichever occurs first; however one team may not bat more players than their opponent (if one team has 10 players and the other 12, both teams bat only the first 10). Repeat if still tied, starting at the top of the original batting order.


Mustang/Bronco Tie-Breaker: If a game is tied after regulation (time or innings), each subsequent half inning starts with one out, a runner (last man batted) on second base and no run limit, until the tie is broken and the game is completed.

The 1-hour rain delay wait is extended to up to 2 hours. If weather conditions

prevent anticipated completion of the tournament by the scheduled season end,

the Board may need to eliminate losers bracket teams. 




Use of an ineligible pitcher results in automatic game forfeiture. Violation of participation rules may result in game forfeiture by action of the Board.


Minimum Roster:


In end of season tournament games, a short-rostered team may add up to 3 eligible players to reach a roster of 9.  If unable to find enough substitutes to reach 9, the team may play with 8 players, but the unoccupied 9th spot is an automatic out; if only 7 players, that team loses by forfeit.  Fill-in players must bat last and play outfield, be from the same league, not from the opposing team, and must have been drafted in a later round than the player he/she is replacing.  For example, if a team has 7 available players and is missing their 2nd, 4th and 10th round players, then it can add a player drafted in the 3rd round or later and a player drafted in the 5th round or later.  The spirit of this rule is to allow normal playing conditions while minimizing a competitive advantage. Fill-in players must be approved in advance by the league commissioner, and the league's board representative may make exceptions for highly unusual circumstances.