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Prior to the start of each game, the League Commissioner (or, in his absence, any Board member) decides whether a game should be postponed in the event of inclement weather or any other adverse condition. After a game starts, it is the Umpire-in-chief’s responsibility to stop play for adverse conditions. Coaches and players are expected to report to the field unless officially notified that the game has been postponed. Teams are not required to wait longer than one hour during a rain delay or other temporary game suspension. In the event of rain, both teams’ coaches are responsible for making the field playable if judged feasible by officials.


If a game is stopped prior to becoming a “regulation game” (other than a forfeited game), the League Commissioner will schedule the game to be replayed in its entirety (starting over) as soon as reasonably possible. Rescheduled game times may include Sundays (no games may start before 12:30 p.m. or after 7:00 p.m.) or holidays. No team will be scheduled for more than 3 games in a pitching week (except during playoffs). A team failing to play in a rescheduled game is charged with a loss due to forfeit.


A "regulation game" for Shetland, Pinto, Mustang and Bronco is one that reaches the end of the third inning or the time limit.


A "regulation game" for Pony and Colt is one that reaches the end of the 4th inning, or to the bottom half of the 4th inning (3 1/2) if the home team is leading, or the time limit.

A game that is called after it is a regulation game reverts back to the score at the end of the previous inning unless the home team is leading when called. If a tournament game winner cannot be determined due to a tie score in a regulation game which is called, the game will resume from the exact point of suspension; if called prior to becoming a regulation game, it will be replayed in total.