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To maximize participation, continuous batting order is used, and no player may sit out 2 consecutive innings defensively.  Free defensive substitution is permitted, but the batting order may not change.  If a player must be removed from the lineup due to illness, injury, etc., there is no penalty (subject to league rule regarding minimum roster), and he may return to the same place in the batting order if physically able.  A baserunner who must be removed due to illness, injury, etc. may be replaced by the last batter out.

Additionally, every player must play at least 2 complete games during the season.

The 2 complete game rule may be waived by the League Commissioner for players assigned to a team after that team's first game, or for players absent from 4 or more games prior to the tournament.

The “Designated Hitter” rule is not used.


A coach may not add to, drop or suspend from his team roster any player without the prior approval of the League Commissioner. Any player who quits his team during the season loses his eligibility to play on any other team for the remainder of the season and may not return to his team unless authorized by the League Commissioner.


Each player must participate in official practices on a regular basis unless he is physically disabled from participating or otherwise excused by his coach. A player may be suspended from his team as a result of excessive absences from games or practices, but only if authorized by the League Commissioner.

Coaches with repeated violations of participation rules will be subject to suspension or permanent removal from the team by the action of the Board of Directors.


Games not sanctioned by ESBA are to be attended on a voluntary basis only by players and parents.


There are no minimum participation requirements for post-season all-star games.