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All players must participate in skills evaluation (also known as "tryouts") each season. Exceptions, where reasonable and justifiable may be authorized by the League Commissioner.


League Commissioners are responsible for organizing and conducting tryouts, including the recruitment of volunteers to run skills stations.

Skills evaluation should be scheduled in short alphabetical groupings to minimize the players’ idle time, especially during cold weather. Players with schedule conflicts may report at any group time.

The Commissioner will appoint 2 or 3 independent scorers whose evaluations will be used to establish proper draft order for head coaches’ children and brother options, as well as providing comparative scores for head coaches to review. The independent scorers should be experienced coaches not currently involved in that league. If independent scorers are not available, the Commissioner may average the scores of three or more coaches attending tryouts.


Players will be evaluated for: Running Speed (actual time), Outfielding (score 1-3), Infielding (score 1-5), Throwing (score 1-5 during infielding), Hitting (score 1-5) and Pitching (rate A, B or C).


All possible pitchers will be directed to remain after hitting to be evaluated for pitching. Running distance should be 2X the base distance; players slipping or falling should be re-timed. Outfielding should be scored on overall skill demonstrated, not solely on number of balls caught. Infielding and hitting should include at least 5 good balls per player. When possible, warm-ups should be provided (jogging before running, throwing, soft-toss). Players should be interviewed to record usual positions, pitching and catching experience and if also involved in other sports which might conflict with baseball.


The Commissioner must arrange make-up skills evaluation for all players who miss the regular session.  Players are not eliminated for missing tryouts, but the Commissioner must contact each missing player prior to the draft to determine playing status.