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Within 30 days following the election of a new Board, the previous season’s President and Treasurer will meet with the new Board to facilitate the transition and orientation. Association records will be transmitted at this time and will include all financial records, concession records, sales tax records, income tax records, tax status and incorporation documents, the player data base, Board minutes, contracts, and all other significant records or pending issues.

With the exception of the Board of Directors and the President, whose responsibilities are detailed in the Constitution, the following job descriptions are merely provided to be general guidelines; each Board may determine which offices to fill and may add or delete any in effectively managing the association.

The president is selcted by the new/incoming board each July, with the candidate receiving at least five votes.  The president must be a current or former member of the ESBA Board of Directiors.  In the event of a 4-4 tie vote: (1) revote after discussion; (2) if second vote is still tied, returning incumbent president, if a candidate, is the new term's president; (3) if still unresolved, use number of years as a board member; (4) if still unresolved, use number of years as an ESBA member.


Key Officers:


Board of Directors:

  • Selection of President and other officers
  • Authorization of bylaws, playing rules
  • Establishment of budgets and fees
  • Authorization of non-budgeted expenditures over $300
  • Approval of coaches, including post-season
  • Resolution of protests, grievances, complaints


  • Director of Board and overall management responsibility

Board Secretary

  • Record-keeping, correspondence, minutes
  • Maintenance of league documents and forms
  • Communication with officers and Board


  • Financial accounting and reporting
  • Receipt and disbursement of funds
  • Collection of receivables
  • Federal and state tax returns
  • Direction of player registration

League Commissioner

  • Recruitment and orientation of coaches
  • Conducting tryouts and drafts
  • Monitoring conduct of coaches, players, parents
  • Scheduling games, practices, make-ups, playoffs
  • Monitoring conformance to bylaws
  • Assuring adequate league support for team equipment, officiating, maintenance, etc.

Other Usual Positions and Tasks:

  • Conveners
  • Equipment 
  • Sponsors 
  • Concessions 
  • Uniforms 
  • Schedules 
  • Awards 
  • Umpires 
  • All Stars 
  • Team Photos 
  • Directory Advertising 
  • Communications 
  • Fields and Facilities 
  • Team Parents 
  • Practice Facilities